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Zoetic Structural Design


Offering beautiful and affordable website, print, interactive design services to businesses, organizations, artists, and individuals.

Photographic, editorial, art direction, and branding. Multi-media production, sound and video.

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Pron: ‘zo eh’ tik’

Function: adjective
Etymology: From Greek root ‘zoe’
Date: Circa 1840
1. of or pertaining to life
2. living, full of life

Responsive Websites

A responsive website is one that displays well on any device, desktop, laptop, or mobile. I can modernize your current site or start from scratch, from registering a domain to setting up hosting to bringing forth your vision online.

Print Design

Logo design, business packages, brochures, magazines, books, signage. I’ve done it all! Very reasonable rates.

Yes, this graphic was included in the demo template, but I thought it could represent that it’s your time to get a piece of the pie.

Photography & Editorial Services

Illustration. Headshots. Intimate portraiture. Art direction. Curation. Video.

Award-winning copywriting. Editing.


An artist's commitment

Most graphic and web design is ultimately about business.

Promotion. Marketing. Advertising. Selling.

However, it takes a certain commitment and attention to detail to create those subliminal cues that set one apart in the vast online wilderness. These are the unquantifiable and essential elements only craft, dedication, and experience can offer.

I believe, like Steve Jobs, that design should disappear. In other words, People should not notice the design, they should only notice you, your image or brand, if you wish, and your message, whether you are a corporation, a small business,  a consultant, a band, an artist. As Frank Lloyd Wright so famously said, “Form follow function.”

Global Leader 10 Years In a Row

Yes, I just left this in for a laugh! It’s part of a DIVI Theme template.

I build all my websites on the WordPress platform using the DIVI Theme, which couples the elegance of the Squarespace user interface with the flexibility and power of WordPress.

The Right Choice

Of course!

Featured Case Studies

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Knox Bronson is a technically skilled designer. But more than that, he has talent and creativity on numerous levels. Whatever he sets his hand and mind to, you can feel confident he will get the job done and surpass expectations.

Jody Frost

Knox Bronson did a really good job for me setting up a complicated interactive website. It featured a monthly iPhone photographic contest that enabled people to submit photos, pay for them and then receive the monetary awards if they won. A very professional and excellent working website.

Steve Burke

Owner, Burke Commercial Real Estate

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