What We Do

Here is a short breakdown of services I and my associates can offer you, whether you are an individual, a small business, or an enterprise.

We will assist you every step of the way in developing your online presence, from registering the domain and establishing the proper hosting solutions for your needs to site planning, eCommerce, database creation, shopping carts, site administration, php, WordPress, mySql, blogs, podcasts, collaborative sites, forms, and so on … we will build your presence on flexible, rock-solid, time-tested non-proprietary technologies, integrating them as unique to your needs and expectations, in a manner that will not make you dependent on any single provider, including us.

Art direction, design, and curation.
Dozens of years in traditional print, design, editorial, packaging, corporated ID and marketing preceded our respective moves into the digital domain in the earliest days of the world wide web.
We saw great opportunity for creative expression in the new media and brought our vast experience in layout, design, typography, writing to the emerging new worlds, acquiring new skills as needed.
We survived the implosion of the first bubble by sticking to the fundamentals of good content and design, which span all media and eras.

We can produce, animate, film, video, write, record, edit and mnaufacture any kind of marketing or promotional materials you need and output to appropriate media: mobile devices, web, video, dvd.

HTML5, 3d, videography, photography, Concept, writing, casting if needed.
We will be happy to explore your options and help develop your ideas concepts and dreams in cost-effective, imaginative solutions.

Editorial direction and development.
Award-winning copywriting: marketing, high-tech, medical, real estate, the arts, food, wine and the good life … for web, print, dvds, scripts Tangerine Sky offers full editorial services.
Content creation, editing, proof-reading, distilling large masses of technical material and white papers into easily understood brochures, websites, animated presentations: whatever is needed to convey the excellence and uniqueness of your enterprise.

We are able to offer full music production services: composition, recording, editing.
Songs, scores, sound effects … whatever your project requires.

We can produce and program environmental music of either original works or collections of appropriate works.

We can also produce audio and video podcasts, allowing you to utilize this amazing technology for the marketing of your services and products.