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As I mentioned in another article on this site, there is an old maxim, “Play jazz, drive a cab: it’s the law.” In the nineties, my friends and I updated it to, “Play techno, build websites: it’s the law.” While I was not creating techno music, per se, I was using lots of synthesizers, so the rule applied to me. I began building websites in 1993, professionally in 1997. I also kept making music.

Below are covers I’ve done for various releases.

My most recent release, the seasons {remixed/remastered}. Image by Katie Zari Roberts.

The original cover for the seasons, featuring Amber Miles Arbucci.

My first vocal cd, Pop Down The Years, photo by Stephanie Grant.

My first cd, Flight of the Atom Bee..

Deus Sex Machina, a collection of mid-period electronic/orchestral works. Photography by Jean Jacques André.

The cd package for the seasons {remixed/remastered}. I can assist with other packaging projects, as well.

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