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Am I Right For You?

In case you are as yet undecided, I have provided a one-question multiple-choice questionnaire to assist in the decision-making process.

Am I right for your project?

The short answer, of course, is “Yes.”

Let us delve further. Take this short multiple choice test:

I would rather pay for ...

  1. Experience
  2. Talent
  3. Attitude
  4. Buzzwords

If you answered either (1) or (2), then we are at your service! If you answered (3) or (4), well …


Within the emerging Web 2.0 paradigm, AJAX-based, tag aggregated, community-based cadres of influencers™ engaged in a strategic content collaborative partnership™, as well as tactical content enhancement™ within the overall gestalt™, we see value-added consulting opportunities with targeted stakeholders, leveraging the brand within a robust series™ of sitelets™, that will engage this network of network wizards™ to further deploy the all-important cadres of influencers™ at the tipping point, allowing us to monetize the potential inherent therein.

(All of the italicised phrases were jotted down verbatim at a conference on the digital future at the country’s largest PR firm, a company that charged $180/hr for my services. And rates went up from there.)

My point being: don’t pay for extraneous BS.

Each project has its own unique, elegant solution and that the key to that solution (in our experience) resides with the client. Hence, the process is one of discovery. Balancing aesthetics with commercial considerations is the goal.

Websites, in particular, are like living organisms and must be structured, from the start, to allow for future growth and development. Hence the phrase Zoetic Structural Art.

We build zoetic websites.


Pronunciation: ‘zo eh’ ik’
Function: adjective
Etymology: From Greek root ‘zoe’
Date: Circa 1840

  1. of or pertaining to life
  2. living, full of life