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I did my first paid freelance graphics job forty years ago, a logo for a construction company. I’ve done so many since then, I can’t count!

But I’ve also lost most of them, so I’m including a few from the recent past and I will keep looking for older work and adding if and when I find them.

P1XELS, The Art of the iPhone.

Which was an update of …

The original logo for P1XELS, an homage à Rene Magritte.

With the logotype.

HoneyBun bath products and clothing.

Calsoyas Group, logo design & business package (business cards, letterhead, envelope layout, color palette for future collateral items.

Last, but not least, the P1XELS Banana Poster.

Can I be of any help?

Happy to discuss what you are trying to do.


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