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What I (We) Do

An array of services is available.

Yes, it can and will be done!

Whatever your project needs, I have the resources (tried-and-true people) to produce. I will manage the project for you (see the Projects section).

Again, what you are hiring when you hire me is intelligence, talent, and commitment. No matter how big or small the job.


Site planning from scratch, design, implementation, functionality (like e-commerce), the  boring back-end stuff, and so on. Or we can modernize and update your old site.


Dozens of years in traditional print, design, editorial, packaging, branding.

Music and Sound

Composition, recording, editing.
 Songs, scores, sound effects … whatever your project requires.

I know my way around the studio.


Full editorial services and content creation. 
Award-winning copywriting.


Photographic services as needed. Illustration. I also offer curation and retouching services.

No, I do not shoot weddings.

Larger Projects

From a global art movement to a magazine to a community garden to huge marketing publication campaigns, I have taken projects from concept to full fruition, navigating multiple realms of engagement, i.e., media, technology, manpower, bureaucracy, etc.

Can I be of any help?

Happy to discuss what you are trying to do.


Just a phone call away!


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