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Recent Websites

Here are some recent websites I have built. They are all responsive, meaning they display properly on any computer or mobile device. Most were built using the very flexible and powerful DIVI WordPress modular theme. Using WordPress allows us incredible freedom in terms of adding features and functionalities not available on do-it-yourself platforms like Squarespace and WIX.
I invite you to visit the sites on different devices to see how well they work, how good they look, and how easy they are to navigate. Navigation is one element that gets lost in discussion sometimes, but the taxonomy of the site, the architecture, must be determined before proceeding to the design and building of a site.

Rachel Efron

A website for Oakland Singer/Songwriter/Pianist Rachel Efron. It features an email signup form, social network icons, a shopping cart with which to buy cds, downloadable press releases.

I did most of the photography on the site, as well.

Visit her website here.

Grace Family Vineyards

Grace Family Vineyards. Site design, art direction.

Visit the website here.

Canary Suicides.

Canary Suicides. An idiosyncratic website for an idiosyncratic artist. Site design. Custom image carousel on splash page. The coding for the site is eight years old at this point (2018).

Visit the website here.

Grace Family Foundation

The Grace Family Vineyards Foundation. Design and custom WordPress theme.

Visit the website here.

Photosaurus Photography Contest

The Photosaurus Monthly Photography Contest. Site design and configuration of  custom entry and voting functions, Winner’s galleries, etc.

Visit the website here.

Patricia Stamm Music

Patricia Stamm Music. A budget showcase site for her musicals aimed at producers and potential investors.

Visit the site here.

Michael McClane Landscape Construction

Mike wanted to build his site with Sqarespace, so that’s what we did. I rewrote all of the text on the site.

Visit the site here.

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