510-612-6124 knox@knoxbronson.com

Knox is my go-to guy for all things web. He is always creative, dependable, professional, and responsive.

Bill Cassel

Writer, The Philter

Knox has been my webmaster for many years. My website is clean, modern and always working.

Grant Taylor

Voice Coach/Singer/Producer, Grant Taylor Studios

Knox Bronson is a technically skilled designer. But more than that, he has talent and creativity on numerous levels. Whatever he sets his hand and mind to, you can feel confident he will get the job done and surpass expectations.

Jody Frost

Photographer, Jody Frost Photography

For the first time I have a website that I’m really proud to have people see. Knox did more than just organize my online content… He created an aesthetic world that communicates what is most essential to me about my work.

Rachel Efron

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist, Rachel Efron

As a technological caveman, I can state unequivocally: Knox created a website that was not only professional but very manageable for both the user and myself.

Bruce Waterman

Designer, Waterman Jewelry

Knox Bronson did a really good job for me setting up a complicated interactive website. It featured a monthly iPhone photographic contest that enabled people to submit photos, pay for them and then receive the monetary awards if they won. A very professional and excellent working website.

Steve Burke

Realtor, Burke Commercial Real Estate