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An Archive of Sites

An Archive of Sites

I began building websites in 1993, mostly dedicated to art and music projects. as well as my my pot-bellied pig, Yoshi, who was the first pig on the world wide web. At the time, I was extremely busy as a print broker, doing design and print production for such clients as Pacific Bell, Sybase, Farallon Computing (later known as Netopia), U.S. Behavioral Health, American President Lines, and numerous other San Francisco Bay Area companies and institutions.

Nonetheless, I intuited quickly that the Web was going to decimate the printing business in the not-too-distant future, while transforming culture, commerce, and communication around the world, so I honed my web skills accordingly, bringing along the fundamentals of good design from my print years.

I was an early adapter of Flash, the great vector-based animation program, and did a lot of work in interactive digital media for a number of years. Adobe’s greed ruined the program in releases after Flash 4 and I did less and less work using it, up until the advent of the iPhone iOS operating system, which effectively killed Flash for good.

I began building websites professionally in 1997.

Here are some of the websites I have built over the years, none of which are still online, I’m afraid. Nonetheless, you can get a sense of my design skills.

The Wines of Veneto. I was hired by the chambers of commerce of five wine growing regions in Northern Italy to build a website for upcoming wine and food events around the United States. We built custom registrations forms for the events. Sadly, they let the site go dark sometime after the events were over.

Amber Arbucci, Maxim Girl and Victoria Secrets Model, posed for the original cover of my album, the seasons. Later, I built her first website.

Taylor & Jacobsen Jewelers of Walnut Creek, California.

A website built for a California political campaign.

The Motion Picture Institute. Hollywood hustler meets right-wing rich guy and convinces him to finance right-wing propaganda films nobody ever watched. They needed a new website years ago. I designed and built it. They have a new site now.


A website for singer-songwriter-producer Grant Taylor.

The Instrumentality of Mankind. An early start!

P1XELS, the fine art of the iPhone. An online store for art made on iPhones.

Archeo-tec, a San Francisco Bay Area-based modern archeological service.

SMC Recordings, San Francisco.

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